What does Greek mean in the sexual sphere?

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What does Greek mean sexually?

Trapped in a loveless marriage, Aphrodite took many lovers, both gods, such as the warlike Ares, and mortals, such as Anchises, with whom she had Aeneas. In general, any man in ancient Greece was obliged to fulfill his important duty as a citizen to replenish and increase the citizenship of his polis, his city-state, by having many children, ideally sons. Lysias’ On the Murder of Erotophanes (circa 403 B.C.) is a defense speech delivered by a man who killed an adulterer and was accused at the same time of various indelicacy-impiation and cheating; public humiliation and appearance in court were the usual consequences. When Plato’s Aristophanes describes women lusting after other women, words fail him because there is no such word in his language; he uses the term hetairistria with its obvious connotations.

In the 2nd century AD, Lesbos had connotations of female homoerotocism, probably due to the Sappho factor. The equivalent of voodoo dolls was another popular and deviant way of cursing the people the Greeks loved to hate; 38 have been found.