Athens Escort Services: Adult Spanking

Athens Escort Services: Adult Spanking Spanking

Athens escorts and Call girls offer various Escort Services. One of them is : Adult spanking is a curious thing. I mean, most of us did not like being spanked as children. We dreaded spankings, didn’t we?Β So, why do so many of us long to be spanked as adults. I think for some of us, it is for sexual pleasure. For others, it is to meet an emotional need. Maybe we feel we deserve it before we enjoy fucking. Some parts of society make women feel we are bad if we enjoy being fucked. So, maybe we feel better about our longing if we are punished first. I will tell you why I want you to spank me.

I stand naked across the room. You sit naked on the edge of the bed intently watching me. You pat your left thigh and sternly tell me to come to you. Your dominance sends chills down my spine. Slowly, I walk towards you and you tell me to bend over, straddling your left leg.

We make our last eye contact before I submit to you. It is a very intimate feeling to me. I am relinquishing my power to you. Once across your leg, you have the ability to really hurt me, if you desire.

I lean forward straddling your leg, with my upper body stretched out beside and behind you. You wrap your muscular left arm around my waist, tucking your fingers underneath to hold my tummy. I am held motionless against your side. My arms stretch out in front of me and take hold of the sheets I know I will need to squeeze for support. I feel my pussy touching your hard leg. I know you are staring at my naked ass. 

This is an embarrassing position. Your spanking will hurt. But, embarrassment and light pain are kissing cousins to pleasure. You know this. My pussy is already tingling in anticipation. You start by rubbing my ass cheeks … laying claim to them.

And Spanking Starts!

Smack! The first one always makes me jump a little. You pause to let the sensation and its effects sink in. When you spanked me, my pussy ground against your leg I was straddling, adding to my pleasure.

Smack! Smack! Smack! You alternate ass cheeks this time and increase your intensity. I gasp a little as the stinging starts. You tighten your grip on my waist but rub my ass to relieve some of the initial stinging. You want this spanking to last a while.

Your cock grows hard. It makes you feel powerful to have me willingly submit to you. You know you are in control now and it excites you. A sense of responsibility hits you too. Feeling obligated to give me what I need, you carefully play out the spanking in your head.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! A dozen strikes hit my ass now and I try to shift my position. My bottom really stings and fear creeps in about how much pain I will endure. You are physically stronger and I can’t make you stop now, even if I wanted the spanking to stop. I have to trust you to push me and give me what I need, but not damage me. This trust deepens our intimacy, which is the most pleasurable thing about the spanking. And having your bottom spanked revs up the nerve endings everywhere between your legs.

You decide I need a break and slip your finger between my legs to assess my wetness. My pussy is already leaking which pleases you. With your left hand circling my waist tighter, your right finger plunges inside my pussy again and quickly fucks me. You give me just a quick taste before stopping. My legs kick up in pleasure and you hold them down with your right leg. You know making me hold still furthers my pleasure.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! You give me another six strikes which are a little hard to take at the end. My ass is stinging. It is a bright pink now. My pussy leaks more of its sweet juices on your leg. You feel it and struggle not to mount me and fuck me. I wiggle my bottom back and forth as much as I can to relieve the stinging. Your hand produces slight relief with rubbing before finger fucking me again. Pain and pleasure become one now; I lose the ability to decipher one from the other. My fingers turn white clutching the sheets. Soft moans escape me adding to your pleasure. Your cock moves on its own now. It is jealous of your fingers wrapped in my wet, tight pussy. 

What has me so turned on right now? Well, my vulnerability for one. Laying naked across you. Held down by you. Disciplined by you. Yet, feeling cared for by you. 

You withdraw your wet fingers and caress my red ass and lower back. I relax a little, loosening my grip on the sheets. Then, Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! The sensation is more intense when I am in a relaxed state before you strike. My clit achesΒ to be touched. I grind my wet pussy against your leg, back and forth. You allow me this pleasure. Wimpers of “please” escape my lips.Β 

I Love Spanking

Deciding I need a very hard end to this spanking, you wear my ass out. I loudly moan and try to escape and you stop just before my tears flow. Loosening your grip, you rub my bottom, allowing me to writhe against your leg. I need to be fucked. 

Lifting me up to straddle your lap, you raise my face to where our eyes lock. You understand my needs and longings. You lean me back to push your stiff cock inside my eager pussy. My pussy welcomes you. We don’t kiss but just stare into each other’s eyes. You love to watch my face change as you fuck me. You push your hard cock in and out with varying speeds. I squeeze my ass, giving your cock pussy hugs. Sometimes we just rock back and forth, with our bodies connected, enjoying this intimate connection. We fuck and fuck until we succumb to our needed release. You spill your seed inside my pussy. I spill my juices on your cock. You lift me enough to gently rub my red bottom and you know you have fully satisfied me. 

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